We have built a platform for you off of social media since that is being completely censored.

Post what you want, when you want. We keep this page real. There are explicit words mainly because that is how we talk. We don't have some weird lawyer writing us rules of complete bullcrap.

If you send us a picture remember it is on a forum. We are not responsible for any actions taken on that photo. 

We are Linejunk, LLC. We are different. We have an awesome website with super cool stuff at We offer quality as opposed to quantity. We listen to you and design for you. On our website you will also find great information on Union  Halls, Help on becoming Union, Weather, Apprenticeships, Links to important items, Job Openings, Rodeos coming up,  safety as well as other things. We listen to you and build from it. We appreciate all of your input and use it the best way we know how, becoming stronger.